How to Study in Canada University

Understand your Requirements -First of all, you have to understand why you want to study in Canada. What are the exact expectations you are having with Canada and its universities? Ideally, you should start planning your foreign study for one year so you can prepare everything on time.

Requirements could vary from person to person. Some might want a job in Canada, while some want to study high-quality education from Canada. So this is how you have to understand your requirements in detail.

You could talk to your family about this thing and consult more thoroughly and get to some conclusions. Choose your Course & Institutions –
After understanding the requirements, it’s time to select a good Institution you’re going to study from.

Of course, you must have your dream course you want to study from Canada, so you have to select the right institution according to your course.

You have to consider institute fees and institute locations when evaluating an institution. If your university is located in a higher city, meaning your expenses will be increased, and so does your living standards.

So to be honest, it all depends on you what kind of location you want. Also consider, if the university is more academic centric or relaxed. And this University must fit your personality and requirements.

Take English proficiency Test – Every student who wants to study in Canada, have to take this test to prove his ability in either English or French.

This test is conducted as IELTS for English ability, and DALF, DELF, or TCF are the French’s preferred tests. These tests are mandatory as Canadian universities teach in English, so you have to know good English.

Apply to Universities –

It’s time to apply to universities and get accepted for their courses. Don’t apply to any/every University; you have to select University for you and then apply for University.

Generally, the application fee is about $100-$200. This may vary from University to University, and you can find it on the University’s website.

Now, these are the required documents –

  • Graduation certificate – if you’re willing to study for a postgraduate course, then this is for you, your graduation certificate.
  • A completed application form – The application provided by the university. You have to be accurately filling this form and avoid any mistakes.
  • Resume – This will be required if you want to apply for any kind of professional courses like an MBA or MBBS. Having your complete details.
  • A letter of intent – This letter mentions your intention of studying in Canada. Whether you want to get a job there or just study.
  • Proof of Proficiency in English – You would have taken the test and if you have passed that, provide the details of your score. This shows if you could understand and explain in English.
  • Proof of your Financial Stability – You’ll also have to prove if you can support the tuition fee, living expanses and all the other expanses.
  • Letter of Recommend – This is the document recommending you to study in Canada. This should come from someone who have taught you or someone knows you personally.

Apply for Study permit – After getting accepted at Canada University, this is the time to get study permit.

These are the documents you have to carry when applying for Visa Permit-

1).. A Valid passport – you know that it’s the most basic document to go outside of India.

2) Proof of enrollment or letter – A proof stating that you have got selected to study in an Australian University, will be required for visa.

3) Your Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Statement – This state that you’re not going for permanent and going for study purpose.

4) Your visa application fee – Every process charges some fee so it do.

5) Evidence of your English proficiency skill – Evidence showing that you’re not bad at English will also be required.

6) Academic records and work experience – Includes your academic scores and your professional work experiences.

7) If you want to study in Australia, you must show your financial stability if you can afford turion fee, living expenses and return airfare.

8) Details of your health insurance policy – This covers your all sudden health expanses.

9) Purpose – Again, covering your purpose of study and career goals will be required.

10) Passports sized photographs.

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