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Top 5 Law Schools in Florida
As a lawyer, seeking a career begins with finding the correct institution for your academic qualifications. There are many institutions in Florida that have esteemed law programs, most of which are recognized nationally.

1. University of Florida Levin College of Law According to the US News and World Report annual rankings, the University of Florida (UF) Levin College of Law is ranked 31st by all law schools. UF Law is widely regarded as one of the country's best public law schools, largely because of its emphasis on both academic and practical work. UF Law has over 80 full-time faculty members working with 50 adjunct lecturers and professors in partnership. The institution has a highly active faculty which is involved in the publication, analysis and support of student study. The US News and World Report rates UF Law as the best provider of tax courses for all public law schools. The 2018 class consisted of 248 pupils. For 2018 admissions, the median GPA was 3.72, while the median LSAT score stood at 163. With a bar pass score of 70.9 percent, UF Law is by a long shot among Florida's leading law schools. However, as you are looking to apply to the University of Florida for your law course, be sure to bear in mind that it only provides admission during the fall semester. 75.3 percent of 2017 graduates secured jobs within ten months of graduation, as per the university's official ABA-required 2018 disclosures. Despite the fairly high number of admissions, the unemployment rate stands at 12.7 percent, which is extremely remarkable. During their first year of public service jobs, UF Law graduates receive an average of $45,000.

2. College of Law of Florida State University The Florida State University College of Law is based in Tallahassee, Florida, and is among the state's leading law institutions. A 50,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art advocacy center that includes five courtrooms was recently added by the school. The institution is ranked 48th by the United States News and World Report among ABA-accredited law schools in the country (USNWR). You will need a minimum of LSAT 160 points for the 2020 admission session in order to gain admission to the Florida State University of Law. The GPA meridian stands at 3.63, which most applicants consider manageable. The approval rate currently stands at 35.9 percent, meaning that if your application is in order, you stand a real chance. Florida State University College of Law has a bar passage of 81.1, which is well above the 67.9 percent average in Florida. The company is noted for its diversity as it boasted in its 2019 admissions of 33.3 percent minorities. 54% of the students enrolled are women, while a further 23% are non-Florida residents. These figures make the College of Law of Florida State University a great destination for both locals and students outside Florida's borders.

3. School of Law of the University of Miami The University of Miami School of Law is located in Coral Gables, Florida, ranked 67th by the USNWR and generally regarded as one of the leading law schools in Florida. Several services ranging from JD to LL are offered by the university. M and mutual degrees for cases. Foreign courses such as LLM-International Arbitration and LLM-International Law are also offered by the university. For recent admissions, the average GPA stood at 3.43, while the LSAT score was 159. Even if their LSAT scores might be slightly lower than the median, students are encouraged to apply. A personal statement, job experience, community service, and extracurricular activities are other variables that are given weight when evaluating applications. University figures for 2018 show that within nine months, 75% of graduates obtained jobs. The underemployment score stands at 13.8, which helps to highlight after graduation the remarkable student-employment rate of the university. The inclusion of a large library and an outstanding student culture makes it easy for students to gel and communicate with ease.

4. College of Law of Florida International University One of the fastest-improving law schools in the US is the Florida International University (FIU) College of Law. The United States News and World Reports rates FIU College of Law as the 91st law school in the U.S. (USNWR). The FIU College of Law made its name mainly due to the standard of the courses offered, despite being fully accredited in 2006. A Trial Advocacy Program, Intellectual Property Credential, Legal Skills, and Values Board, Internal Law and Comparative Law, among other important choices, are some of the specialty programs provided by the organization. As 87.5 per cent of its students pass the bar tests, FIU College of Law reports impressive statistics. It also provides prominent law clinics, including the Justice Clinic for Refugee Children and Juveniles, the Death Penalty Clinic, Immigration, and the Human Rights Clinic. The median GPA is 3.64, while the median LSAT is 157 points. When you have an outstanding academic record, joining the FIU College of Law shouldn't be too hard. However, to clarify how you are going to bring value to the institution and the Florida community as a whole, you would also need a clear personal statement. The excellent 87 percent employment rate means that serious law students immediately after graduation have a high chance of kicking off their legal careers.

5. College of Law at Stetson University The College of Law at Stetson University was established in 1900 and was Florida's first law school. Since 1931, it has been a member of the Association of American Law Schools and is ranked by the United States News & World Report as the 104th best law school in America. The College of Law of Stetson University is ranked among the best in the nation in legal writing and trial advocacy. This offers a huge incentive for students to further their legal careers. A bar passage rate of 72.3% was reported by Stetson students . The school requires applicants to comply with a median LSAT of 155, which most students consider to be manageable. As it admitted 45.55 percent of its candidates, the university has a pleasant acceptance rate. At 3.36, the median GPA stands. With regard to work, within ten months of graduation, 77.2 percent of Stetson University graduates landed jobs.